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  • Oral PrEP is used by HIV-negative people who are at risk of acquiring HIV before exposure, to reduce their chances of being infected with HIV. Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) is used by HIV negative people after a possible exposure to HIV and should be started within 72 hours.

  • One tablet should be taken once daily for at least 7 days before exposure, then taken daily thereafter as long as the risk of HIV infection exists. A different dosing known as event-based oral PrEP is recommended for men.

  • The side effects may include headache, weight loss, nausea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort. These side effects often reduce or stop after a few days of taking PrEP. Should these persist, please contact your service provider.

  • PrEP provides the best protection from HIV if it is taken consistently as prescribed. When you miss one or more pills, you are greatly reducing the ability of PrEP to provide you with full protection against HIV infection. If you miss one pill, continue with your medication as advised by your health provider as soon as you remember. When you miss two or more pills continuously, you need to contact your provider for further advice.

  • You will need to undergo an HIV test to confirm your HIV negative status. You may need to undergo other tests as recommended by your provider.

  • No, PrEP does not prevent STIs and it also does not prevent pregnancy. PrEP should therefore be used together with a condom. For females who are on PrEP and do not want to conceive, they should use a family planning method.

  • You should discontinue PrEP if you meet ANY of the following criteria, and after talking with your healthcare provider:

    • If you become HIV positive;
    • If you reduce your risk of getting infected with HIV;
    • If the health care provider informs you that you need to discontinue on the basis of your clinical evaluation
    • If you request to stop;
    • If you are not adhering to the drugs well;
    • If you are in a discordant relationship and your HIV positive partner has achieved sustained viral suppression.
    However, you should continue to consistently use condoms.

  • You can restart PrEP use if you meet any of the following criteria:

    • If you are again at high risk of getting infected with HIV;
    • If the health care provider confirms that it is safe to restart PrEP after conducting a clinical assessment;
    • If you are committed to taking your drugs as prescribed;
    • If you are in a discordant relationship and your HIV positive partner is no longer virally suppressed.

Frequntly Asked Questions

What is Bulamu Bridge Ai?
⦾ ‣ ⁌ ⁍ ⦿ Bulamu Bridge Ai is a business based in Kampala that focuses on maternal health and provides online consultation services

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