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PEP Frequently Asked Questions

  • PEP is taken orally, daily for 28 days. Do not skip a dose or fail to complete the 28 day dose as this will make PEP less likely to work

  • PEP is safe but may cause side effects which are mild and not life threatening

  • Just like any other medication, a person taking PEP might have mild effects which may include nausea, fatigue, vomiting headaches and diarrhoea

  • Do not double a dose if you miss one. If you do miss a dose and you remember in less than 24 hours, take the next one as soon as you remember.

  • Yes, a HIV test to ascertain a negative status and a pregnancy test for women who are not on any contraceptive method. If pregnancy test is negative and no contraceptives in use, then ECP will be provided alongside PEP

  • Remember PEP does not prevent other STI, additional STI prophylactic treatment should be provided. Someone taking PEP should continue to use condoms during sex

  • No, PEP does not prevent pregnancy. Additional emergency contraceptive pills should be provided to prevent pregnancy to women of reproductive age with no contraceptive method.

  • High risk exposure such through unprotected sex or sharing of needles or syringes(or other injection sharing equipment)

  • PEP should only be given for infrequent exposures. People who engage in behaviours that result in frequent exposure to HIV should consider stating PrEP to keep you HIV negative

  • If you have been sexually assaulted or raped, it is important to seek help immediately from a health facility near you. The health care provider will provide you with SGBV response services including PEP, emergency contraceptive pills, STI prophylaxis. A clinician may also perform a forensic exam that can be used to collect samples for evidence which may be used while filling your report. in addition, you will be provided with psychosocial support and linkage to other social services. It is essential that a survivor of sexual assault not to take a shower since it may eliminate evidence. Place your belongings including the clothes you are wearing in a paper bag to preserve the evidence in case you need legal action.

Frequntly Asked Questions

What is Bulamu Bridge Ai?
⦾ ‣ ⁌ ⁍ ⦿ Bulamu Bridge Ai is a business based in Kampala that focuses on maternal health and provides online consultation services

What services does Bulamu Bridge Ai offer?
⦾ ‣ ⁌ ⁍ ⦿ Bulamu Bridge Ai offers online consultation services for expectant mothers. Through our app, we provide access to qualified healthcare professionals who can assist with prenatal care, postpartum support, and maternal health advice.

How does the online consultation process work?
⦾ ‣ ⁌ ⁍ ⦿ To avail our online consultation services, simply download our app and create an account. You can then schedule an appointment with one of our healthcare professionals who will provide personalized advice and guidance. The consultations are conducted through secure video calls, ensuring privacy and convenience for our users.